Why Do I Write My Creativity Blog?

Writing articles for this blog has its ups and downs.  I have gotten on a schedule of posting an article three times a week.

I write articles about creativity, art, art education, art techniques, children’s art, homeschool projects, books on creativity, etc. On Fridays I share a creativity devotional with my readers.  Sharing my creativity with the Lord is very important to me. I want my readers to have that experience also. So I include a photograph, quote, short thought and prayer. These devotionals seem to be pretty popular.

Many times the articles I write come to me out of the blue.  The articles have to be written because I can’t stop thinking about them.  Sometimes I have to do some things to get inspired like take a walk, read an art magazine, or a long hot shower. My mind relaxes and the articles come. Then there are the times when I feel like my mind is a blank. 

The whole purpose of my writing this blog is to inspire my readers.  I want you to become a more fulfilled creative person. I want you to see the world in a slightly different way from the norm.  I want to help you.

Today we are already in the second month of the year. Wow! How time flies!  Many people made creativity resolutions for the new year.  Many people are either continuing those resolutions or they have given up. Which person are you?

I am interested in hearing from my readers. What resolutions did you make?  Did you follow through?  What worked for you and what did not?  Do you feel as though you failed? 

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves. When we do this we shut down. Please don’t shut down.  You can start fresh every day.  Give yourself a break. You can do it. You can be creative. You are a creative being made in the image of God.

I would love it if my readers would write me and let me know what you want me to write about. Is there a technique you would like to learn?  Is there a subject you would like to see discussed. I am asking for more interaction with my readers. You are the reason I write. So, let me know what you need.

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6 Responses to Why Do I Write My Creativity Blog?

  1. Wes Morgan says:

    My resolution is to complete and post this sentence stem every day. “Today I am thankful for . . .” So far so good. Like you Terry, I write every week and so I relate strongly to all that you’ve written here. I don’t blog — yet . . .

  2. What a great resolution! So many times we forget gratitude in our lives. Today I am thankful for the support of readers like Wes that care enough to share their thoughts on my blog.

  3. Dawn says:

    My resolution involves creativity in a different way than art. Two of my children were recently diagnosed with dyslexia. Therefore, I am reading and researching different ways to help them learn efficiently and effectively. It uses a lot of creativity on my part. What amazes me is how differently those with dyslexia see the world. Talk about a bunch of creative people!

  4. Dawn, I wish you the best in your study of dyslexia. I know your children will do well with such a caring and supportive parent.

  5. Sam says:

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