What Inspires You to Create?

Sunset on Patong Beach

Sunset on Patong Beach

What inspires you to create?  Have you ever really given it much thought?  I definitely know when I am inspired.  But, do I know where to go or what to do to get inspiration when I need it?

I sat down the other day and made a list of things that inspire me.  It took quite a while. I was surprised by some things on my list. In general I guess you could say I am inspired by art, nature, music, children, antiques, travel, and art supplies. Below you will find my list in detail, giving more specifics.

  • travel – seeing new things or visiting places I love,
  • viewing other people’s art work in a museum or gallery,
  • light and shadow bending, curving, dancing around and through objects,
  • reflected light,
  • beautiful sunrises and sunsets,
  • flowers blooming,
  • old rustic architecture,
  • brilliant colored cloth,
  • a pathway meandering through the woods,
  • the blues of the ocean,
  • a child’s smile and wondering eyes,
  • produce at a farmer’s market,
  • running horses,
  • new art supplies,
  • a kitten curled up in a ball,
  • listening to Native American flute music,
  • a cozy corner for reading,
  • water lapping on shore,
  • the sound of children laughing and playing,
  • a field of lavender,
  • the silence of the woods after a snow,
  • the sound of wind through the tree tops,
  • a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly,
  • birds gliding through the air,
  • a new sketchbook,
  • and watching an artist do a demonstration or talk about their art work.

Now that I know what inspires me I can go get my inspiration when the well runs dry.  Sometimes when I hit a place in my writing or painting I find myself going outside to breath in the air, feel the sunshine on my skin, smell the flowers or listen to the birds chirping.  Instinctively I am drawn to a place I need for inspiration.

I’m going to save my list so I can continue to add to it. I wonder if my list will change as time goes on?

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