Week Two – Discovering a Sense of Proportion

walkinginthisworldWeek Two went well in my venture through Walking in This World by Julia Cameron.  It was a little difficult getting my walk in this week between down pouring storms, but I managed.  I had a very nice walk from my house through the woods to my daughter’s house.  I knew the walk would be muddy because I had to cross two creeks.  So, I donned some old shoes and was off.

The walk was squishy.  I slipped and slid a few times but manages to stay upright.  I saw deer tracks in the thickest part of the woods. It felt good to be outside and active.

At one point in my walk I stopped in fascination as a blue heron burst out of the brush into the air carrying what looked like a three foot snake.  The heron rose higher and higher with the snake. The scene made me shiver.  I don’t care for snakes.  I was hoping the heron had a really good hold on the snake and plans to have the snake for dinner.

On my walk I was supposed to be pondering  things I had read in Week Two.  My mind didn’t cooperate.  My mind stayed in the “squish, squish” moment or at times seemed to turn off. Can you turn your brain off?  Well, maybe.  I guess I “zoned out” as some people call it. My body walked and my brain did whatever.

I don’t remember any great thoughts or revelations.  But maybe having great thoughts wasn’t the point of the walk.  Maybe taking a break from thought was the point. Isn’t that called meditation?  So, walking is a form of mediation?  Could be.

A lot of the Week Two reading was about transformation.  I wrote a devotional last Friday about that subject without realizing I would be reading about it this week.

Julia Cameron says, “It is a spiritual law that when we are ready to transform, transformation will come to us.  We are all conduits for a great creative energy that seeks expression in us and through us.”  I know all artists go through many transformations. I am looking forward to finding out where my transformation will take me.

Now, on to “Week Three – Discovering a Sense of Perspective”.

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