Week Three – Discovering a Sense of Perspective

Week Three

Week Three

Well, I skipped a week of writing about Julia Cameron’s book Walking in This World. Sorry, to those of you that were expecting this article last week. I was on a very long drive from Texas to Oregon. On the drive I read Week Three and did the assignments.

I missed writing my morning pages a couple of days because it was hectic trying to get on the road and drive 9 to 10 hours each day. I did get my walk in for the week. I probably walked 3 miles at the Grand Canyon on the south rim and one mile on the Navajo Loop at Bryce Canyon in Utah. I couldn’t have asked for better scenery as  I walked. What a treat to be able to walk in such incredible beauty.

The following quote in Week Three got to me:  “It is the excess of creative energy, not the lack of it, that is what makes people feel – and get labeled – ‘crazy.'” I can so relate. Sometimes I have so many ideas I feel like my head is going to explode. Sometimes my mind gets going and I can’t stop it.  When I have many creative ideas at the same time, which I feel have merit, I have a hard time doing anything at all.

Think about it like this:  Let’s say your house is a dirty mess. You look at the mess and try to decide what to do. Do you dust or vacuum first? Or maybe you should do a load of laundry or clean the bathtub. Then there are the dishes and the kitchen counter to disinfect.  Your mind goes over all the possibilities. You have to pick something and do it or the house will never get clean.

When I get a boat load of creative ideas going on in my head I have a hard time focusing. I get distracted by all my thoughts. Sometimes I start projects and never finish them because I go from one project to another and another. Changing from one project to another can make one feel very crazy. Sometimes I tell myself, “You can’t start a new project until you finish the old project.”  Anybody out there do that or am I the only one?  Possibly this is a control issue.

If I do nothing creative I start to feel miserable and angry. Julia Cameron says that when we are unspeakably angry, what we really are is large and unspoken. Anger signals that we are being called to step forward and speak out.  So, maybe anger isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe I just need to learn how to use anger as a catalyst to work.

The overactive creative thoughts probably all stem from not acting on my creativity. If I act, then I will feel that I am expressing myself and maybe my mind will give me a break.  “Doing creatively” instead of “thinking creatively” could be healing.  I might even get a sense of perspective.

Next week is Week Four – Discovering a Sense of Adventure.  Comments anyone?

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