Week Four – Discovering a Sense of Adventure

Week Four

Week Four

I finished reading Week 4 – Discovering a Sense of Adventure in Julia Cameron’s book, Walking in This World.  I liked the thought of discovering adventure. I had just finished an adventure of my own driving 2400 miles from Texas to Oregon. I found out that the adventure she was talking about is different from one person to another.

Julia speaks of adventure as doing things that refresh our artist spirit, a sort of playtime.  She talks about doing things not necessarily connected with what you do creatively.  For example: If you are a watercolorist, your adventure might be walking down the beach looking for shells, picking berries on the side of a country road, or taking photographs of your grandchildren.  The adventures that nourish us as artists don’t need to involve our medium. Having a sense of adventure means that we are on the look out for things that make our heart sing.  We need to allow ourselves to play.

Play?  How can you get anything done if you play?  That goes against all we have been taught about being responsible adults.  We force ourselves to get things accomplished.  Many of us even become workaholic perfectionists.  UGH!!  If our art is our career, we plan and focus on getting results.  Then when we become creatively frozen or blocked, we wonder why.

What I have learned from reading this week’s lesson is that in our quest for creativity we need to ask ourselves what we can do to spark our imagination to feed our creative spirit.

Julia also gets into a more spiritual side of creativity using quotes from the Bible.  She reminds the reader that God is the Great Creator and that we are allowed to pray for inspiration.  We can “Ask, Believe and Receive” creativity along with the material needs an artist has.

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