Travel Using Technology to Create Great Art Work

Do you like to travel? I do!!!!! When you travel do you spend tons of time taking pictures of the area, the people, the scenery, the food, etc.? I do. Do you create art work from your travels? I do. Do you get to travel as often as you want? No. So what if you could travel for free and never have to pack a bag? Sound enticing? Absolutely!

You can travel and create art work using a very simple application on the internet called Google Maps. Not such a new idea is it? But it is new to me. I have used street view when I was interested in looking at real estate that I was interested in, but never thought about using it for creating art. It is such a simple idea.

Go to Google Maps, put in the place you want to go. Choose a country, a city, an address. Look to see if the street view is available and then start walking down the street to find interesting subject matter for your art work. When you find the view you want, make a screen shot of it. Then you can use it as reference material. The other evening I went to Italy using my Ipad. I found a church that I thought was interesting and did a sketch with pen and ink. I even got to draw sitting in my favorite recliner.

Artist, Bill Guffy, has been using this idea for years. He started a website called Virtual Paintout five years ago. Don’t I feel a little behind the times. 🙂  On his website he shares the work of artists that created using Google Maps as reference. Each month he picks a new location. The location for April was Liverpool. So later this week we will learn the new destination for May.

You might be interested in participating in the Virtual Paintout. Or maybe you just want to do your own thing and go anywhere in the world that appeals to you. Sounds like fun either way. I would love to hear from any of you that have used Google Maps as reference material. Oh by the way, Google has given permission for images to be used without copyright infringement. See ya later.


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  1. Edna Krueger says:

    thank you Terry for this information! I have never thought of this! Don’t feel bad about being behind. This is the 1st time I had heard of using google maps this way. My husband & I travel a lot going to some wonderful places. Even doing this, we still don’t get to see everything because of time restraints like on a tour group. I’ll have to try this on my iPad. This would be fun to try! Thank you for this insight! I’ll have to look up your site dealing with this.
    By the way, San Angelo, Texas is going to have a plein air competition in late October. The phone # to find out more is 325-656-2500. Theres $13,000 prizes. Sorry I don’t have their website address in front of me but I think you can google San Angelo plein air art & may get it. If I can find the address & find my way back to here I’ll post it to you here. Due date to submit art to maybe selected is May 15. Edna

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