Top Ten Reasons I Loved “Lost”

setting sunI have been a big fan of ABC’s television series Lost since it began. It seems strange to think that I invested 6 years of my life in the show.  Last Sunday the series finale aired.

Apparently I am not the only fan, even some of the cast loved to watch the show. I am fortunate to have started watching the show when the pilot came out. I can’t imagine trying to understand the show after missing a season or two. I tried explaining the show to some of my friends that had never watched.  They gave up trying to understand and said they were “lost”. Many people did not like the series because it wasn’t realistic. I think that is what drew me to the series.

I dreaded the series finale. I knew it was going to feel like I was saying good bye to friends I had grown to love. Silly, huh? I also hate ending a good book. Maybe I just have a problem with saying “Good bye!”

Anyway, I have great respect for the amount of work, talent, time, and thought it took to put this show together. In honor of the show, I thought I would make a list of the top ten reasons I loved Lost.

10. I was amused by the way the show annoyed some people.

9. The casting of the show could not have been any better. Who else could have played Hurley, Sawyer, Jack or Kate?

8. Having the setting of the show in Hawaii was an added treat. Beautiful! Gorgeous!

7. I liked being on the edge of my seat as I watched the show.

6. The plot was unpredictable.  Don’t you hate it when you figure out what is going to happen in advance?

5. I enjoyed the battle between good and evil, never quite knowing how each character should be labeled.

4. The show made me question the motives and actions of the characters and the writers.  I  loved calling my daughter the day after an episode to talk about our take on what had occurred in the story.

3. The show challenged the viewer to think, to imagine. Sometimes it took me several days to process what I had seen in an episode.

2. The characters in the series were complex with inner struggles, human reactions, and sometimes not so human reactions.  The conflict between characters, the camaraderie, the love, the hate, the tenderness, the brutality, the forgiveness, and the changes from one season to another made you come back for more.

1. The creativity of the writers was amazing. The writers definitely thought outside the box, outside time constraints, and outside reality.

Were you a Lost fan? Why did you like or dislike the show? Who was your favorite character? What episode do you think was the most creative? Was there a character you loved to hate? Let me know through your comments or email.

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