The Unwinding Creative Process

The Unwinding Creative Process

Are you blocked?  Have you ever been blocked?  Sometimes I think I am. Why do I think I’m blocked?  Because I come up with every excuse possible not to paint.  I use every excuse to not pick up a paintbrush.  Starting a painting is hard for me at this time in my life. But, I am able to do other artistic endeavors such as write this blog.  At least that is something.

At various times in my life I have been blocked.  I was blocked for many different reasons such as, my job situation, my children’s schedule of activities, divorce, disappointment over the failure of work not selling, etc.

I found out something very interesting at these times.  When I had a deadline, I produced.  During two very trying times in my life I was able to put together enough work for two one-woman shows of my watercolors.  I focused.  I forced myself to go to my studio.  I made a commitment to have a grouping of work and I followed through.  I guess I work better under pressure.

*Note to self:  Need pressure!  Need deadline!

Have I lost my mind?  Is this the secret to getting back in the studio and painting?

I have read many books on creativity and getting in the productive mode.  Sometimes I get inspired, go into the studio, paint something I am not happy with, and get discouraged and disgusted.  Then it will take me weeks to go back in to try again.  Sounds like I am a little hard on myself. You think?  Aren’t we all?  I am expecting a masterpiece each time I paint.  Sound familiar?

Now, it seems I have a new and improved reason for not painting.  I have too many interests and projects I want to do.  I have all these brilliant ideas which include photography, writing, jewelry, bookmaking, web design and teaching.  I could do this, or that, or this other thing.  (You don’t expect me to tell you my ideas.  Remember, they are all brilliant!)  Each of my ideas is a valid artistic endeavor, it just doesn‘t include painting.

Well, that isn’t really the whole truth.  I do have painting ideas in my head, lots of them.  I just have other non-painting projects that seem to have my interest right now.  The problem —-  I can’t choose which non-painting project to work on. So, I do a little on this one and a little on that one. Or I do nothing at all because I am overwhelmed. So, what is the intelligent thing to do?  Shut down, do nothing, and feel guilty!!!!!

What a sob story! Give me a break!

I am writing today.  Writing this blog is being creative.  But…………  Shouldn’t I be using this time to produce my wonderful watercolors?  Probably.  But at the moment, I am excited and interested in writing about creativity and the artistic process.  I guess the struggle to create is a major part of the process.  I guess I need to jump on whatever interests me.

Since I am actual being productive in some manner, I will continue to write and try not to be so hard on myself.  Baby Steps. I may be frozen in the non-painting mode; but I am moving and growing, like a single fern frond unfolding. There is so much to learn and do in life. I have to realize I can’t do it all.

I figure there are thousands of people in the world like me.  I figure we all have a story to tell.   We all have advice.  We all have experiences and techniques that work for us.  There may even be people out there that think being blocked is a crock.

Anyone have a calendar?

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