Ten Creative Challenges

Sometimes it is a challenge to be creative. I wish I could be creative everyday. But, it just doesn’t happen, not in the way I want it to.  I started thinking about the things that tend to get in my creative way. Then I thought of challenges others might have.

I came up with this list of ten creative challenges. Anybody have the same ones?  Anyone have some challenges I should add to the list?

1. Not enough time. Time seems to always be a factor. When you work full time you often have no spare time to create.

2. Too tired or not enough energy. Some days I have these great ideas of what I want to do when I get home from work. Then I make the mistake of sitting down. After that, ugh, I end up not creating.

3. Interruptions. Friends, family members, events, the phone and the television can create interruptions in the creative process.

4. Me, myself and I. I am often my worst enemy. I talk myself out of working for soooooo many reasons.

5. Work space. This isn’t a factor when I am home because I have a studio area dedicated to my art. But when I am traveling, not having space to spread out and work can be an issue at times.

6. Scattered focus. That means too many interests. Too many things that cause distraction. I sometimes can’t decide what to do so I end up doing nothing.

7. Attitude. Sometimes I tend to get down on my work. I get discouraged. I think my time is being wasted with this creativity thing. I wonder, am I making a difference in this world? Should I continue creating my art?

8. Technology issues. If part of your creativity involves technology then you have probably had this issue. When I was creating my Elements of Art video series I had numerous issues with technology which made the creative process such a pain.

Even writing this blog gives me fits sometimes when a plug in quits working or there is a glitch in the software. Even storing photos on the computer can cause a problem if you are not organized about where you save them. The other day I spent an hour looking for a photo that I wanted to paint. I never found it.

9. Money. Of course money does limit what supplies you can buy and where you can travel to create. It also limits how often you can take art workshops to continue your education.

10. Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of sticking your neck out. Fear of trying something new. Fear of people finding out you aren’t an expert about everything.

Do you share any of these challenges? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment and share with all the readers here. If you think this article has substance and could be helpful to others, please share.

Is it beneficial to know your creative challenges? I think so. If you know what you are battling, you can be prepared. More later…..


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