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Creativity – Japanese Style

I went to the Portland Japanese Garden yesterday.  As soon as I walked through the entrance of the garden I was hit by the simplicity of the creative setting. The garden was designed by Professor Takuma Tono in 1963.  It … Continue reading

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A Mental Art Exercise – Staying Cool

Portland, Oregon is having a heat wave.  What a surprise for me. I just moved here.  I thought Portland was always cool. Today the temperature is predicted to reach 107 degrees by 5:00 pm.  107 degrees is high for any … Continue reading

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When Writing and Art Come Together: A Student Activity

I ran across a handout for a one day workshop to be held Saturday, August 1, at the Portland Art Museum.  The workshop is called “Poetry, Art Becomes Muse”.  I got really excited until I saw that the workshop was … Continue reading

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