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Texas Homesteader Wheat-Free Cookbook

Texas Homesteader Wheat-Free Cookbook

When you are creative it is always nice when people support you in your work.  I have been supported by friends and family in many of my creative ventures.  They have shown up at art shows, outdoor art festivals, award ceremonies, etc.

I have had the opportunity to show support for creativity by attending dance recitals, concerts, musical performances, parades and whatever my friends and family are involved in. Today I want to dedicate this article to supporting my daughter, Lara DeHaven, in her latest creative venture. Lara  posts articles on My Creativity Blog occasionally. You can read more about Lara on the What is My Creativity Blog page.

I am excited to announce that Lara has just published her first book. It is titled Texas Homesteader Wheat-Free Cookbook. Lara was inspired to write this book when members of her family were diagnosed with an allergy to wheat. Some of her family members have other allergies too, but the wheat allergy was the one that Lara found to be the most challenging.

Can you imagine being told that you can’t eat cake, cookies, bread, pancakes, pasta, or cinnamon rolls?  I am a bread lover. I used to bake bread and make a meal of bread, cheese and fruit. Hot bread out of the oven is yummy!

Instead of being depressed about this development, Lara got busy. She began searching for wheat-free products her family could eat.  She did research. She tried products and determined most to be inedible.  Thus began the creativity.

Lara started developing her own recipes and trying them out on her husband and children. She could tell automatically if something did or did not work. Lara also used old family recipes exchanging the flour for other ingredients.

All the work has paid off. The best part is that Lara’s family can now eat wonderful tasting meals without feeling deprived. The next best part is that Lara’s book is out just in time for the holidays. So, if you have a wheat allergy or know some one that does, take a second and tell them about this cookbook.  The book can be purchased as a hard copy or as an Ebook.

Also, if you have a friend or family member that is creative, take a moment to be supportive of their work. Give them an encouraging word, a pat on the back, or a note telling them how proud you are of them.  Thanks for listening. Have a great day!

To purchase the Texas Homesteader Wheat-Free Cookbook, click here.

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