Outdoor Art Festival Adventures

CloudsOutdoor art festivals………… Such fun! People strolling about gazing at booth after booth of enticingly beautiful art work…..  Young couples finding that perfect first piece of art to place over the fireplace in their new home.  How lovely!  The concept is a great one, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.  Let me tell you about one such time in Round Top, Texas.

The Round Top Arts Festival was founded in 1996. I became involved with the festival a few years later.  Many of my friends participated in this event and I always shared a booth with artist friend, Sara Parker. We had done this show several years and had always had a great time selling our work, visiting with old friends, and making new friends.

The festival was held in a grassy field near the Texas Pioneer Arts Foundation building.  Giant white tents were set up by numerous volunteers in a circus-like atmosphere.  All artists had to have their booths set up by Friday evening where there was a silent auction of donated artwork, a reception and a sneak preview of the show for specially invited guests.  The festival opened to the public Saturday morning and ran through Sunday afternoon.

Sara and I met Friday afternoon and got our booth put together. It took us several hours and several trips back and forth from our cars to get unloaded.  We set up our display panels first and then started the process of hanging our work. Everything ran smoothly.

The reception was a dress up event and so we drove back to Sara’s house in Brenham to shower and change. Rain had been predicted for the weekend and it did look like rain. I wanted to be prepared and in fact, brought my rubber boots with me from home just in case.

While we cleaned up, the bottom fell out, meaning it poured down rain.  Sara and I hoped it was raining in Brenham but not in Round Top.  We both put on long skirts and decided to wear our rubber boots just in case. What a fashion statement!

Well, wearing the rubber boots was a good idea because when we got under the festival tent it started raining with a force that made it hard to hear each other talk. Where the tents were joined together water collected and burst forth into the area below. We could hear screams as unsuspecting victims got doused with rainwater. Water started coming up under the tents and soon all the booths were in mud.

To be continued……….

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