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A Little Cotton and Dust

A Little Blowing Cotton and Dust

Hi Everyone! If you are one of my loyal readers I guess you noticed I missed posting my Monday article. Plus, Lara wrote an article for my Wednesday article. Thanks, Lara!  So, those expecting Week Three of Walking in This World will have to wait until next week.

Why am I off schedule? I am traveling. My husband and I are driving from Southeast Texas to Portland, Oregon. The trip is probably about 2400 miles.  As I write this article I am in Artesia, New Mexico. We got here in the dark. We were on a quest to get as far into New Mexico as we could on our first day of driving.

When we got in the truck this morning we had no idea what route we were going to take. We had a general idea, but my word, there are so many ways to go.  I had the hardest time making a decision. The route just sort of  happened with several last minute choices to take one road over another.  The only time I got nervous being the navigator was when it got dark and we decided to take a back road shortcut to Artesia. But, my nervousness disappeared as we were blessed with a spectacular lightning display.  Some of the cloud to ground strikes were almost blinding.  So, instead of being nervous, I was entertained.  As I watched the lightning show I ran out of things to say.   “Wow!” “Double Wow!” and “Wow again!” didn’t really describe what I was seeing. (Note to self: Work on better descriptive words for lightning show.)

Earlier in the day we traveled through some Texas towns I was not familiar with. It was nice getting to see some new places.  I felt saddened, though, by the state of some of the smaller towns. Some appeared to be ghost towns. I wondered what people did in these towns for a living. I hate the fact that so many small towns are not able to survive in this tough economic time. Seeing all the empty buildings and closed businesses made me sad.

Oil Well Pump

Oil Well Pump

At one point in the trip we could see nothing but miles and miles of cotton.  The cotton was being harvested in some fields with huge combines gathering the white fluffy crop.  At one point we got into a little cotton and dust windstorm  which affected our visibility. Luckily we were through it in a matter of a few seconds and I had my camera in hand.

It was also interesting to see some of the cotton fields with oil well pumps scattered throughout. Plus, seeing the windmills near Sweetwater, Texas was a treat. There must be hundreds of windmills in that area. Those things are huge!

Tomorrow, we will get up and head out again. Do I know where we are going? No. I guess we will figure it out as we go along. Taking a trip without a definitive plan is certainly interesting and spontaneous. You never know where you are going to end up or where you will spend the night.  But the possibilities are endless. You might be surprised. You might see something that will make a difference in your creativity. I am looking forward to tomorrow.The trip is a work in progress.  It is a treat to be off schedule creatively. I’ll keep you posted.

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