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March 2019
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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. Pablo Picasso at

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Bryce Canyon View

Bryce Canyon View

Well we made it. My husband and I arrived in Portland, Oregon Sunday afternoon. Our trip was interesting and educational. If you want to read my first article about our trip click here. I saw places in the United States I never dreamed existed. I have been in remote areas where there wasn’t another human being, except for my husband, for probably 100 miles in every direction.

We traveled through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon. Each state has its own intrigue and beauty. We only gave ourselves two days of sightseeing. The rest of the time we drove. We drove through deserts, mountains, farmland, grassy plains, over deep gorges and rivers. We had no plan as to where we would go. We chose the roads when we had to make a decision. I thought I might read, write, or sleep some of the time. I mainly looked out the windows absorbing the scenery.

We spent one day at the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and another day at Bryce Canyon in Utah. The last time I saw the Grand Canyon was when I was in the 8th grade. I remember thinking that the canyon did not look real. I had the same thought this time. I wish we would have had time to do a plane tour, a mule ride, or a hike. I know being in the canyon instead of standing on the rim would give a whole different perspective.

The day after seeing the Grand Canyon we went to Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon has a completely different look and feel. Some people at the local grocery store recommended taking a hike on the shortest trail in the park called the Navajo Loop. It was awesome! I was spellbound. I am so glad we hiked down into the canyon. We hiked down 550 feet. The hard part was hiking back up. But, luckily I had my trusty camera. Whenever I got winded, I stopped and took pictures. So, I have lots of pictures. Ha!

Beautiful Pottery

Beautiful Pottery

One of the most enjoyable parts of the trip, other than seeing the canyons, was seeing the local art. We stopped in a lovely little gallery in Magdelena, New Mexico and spent time visiting with the gallery owner. The gallery was full of beautiful local Native American artwork. We also visited galleries in Arizona and Utah.

I saw lovely new blankets, pottery, and jewelry, keeping my eyes on the look out for old pieces. I did not see many. I did see some old pawn jewelry. As always, I was inspired by the artwork of the different Native American tribes.
One gallery on the rim of the Grand Canyon had incredible paintings by many local artists. It was interesting to see each artist’s view or interpretation of the canyon. The range of work went from photo-realistic to abstract. Each painting captured the essence and grandeur of the area.  Now that my trip is over I look forward to creating and expressing my view of the places I have seen. I hope I can do them justice.





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