New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be a great one!

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you usually follow through? I find that specific resolutions are hard to stick to. I have good intentions, but I get side tracked, overwhelmed, sick or something like life interferes.

When I fail, then I tend to give up. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with resolutions. How about you? Some of my usual resolutions are to lose weight, get organized, exercise more, learn a new language, read a devotional or the Bible everyday, etc.

There is something wonderful at having the chance to start fresh with a new beginning. It is like having a new set of art supplies, a fresh canvas, an unused sketchbook.  We have high hopes. Many people do not make resolutions in order to save themselves from the grief and feelings of failure.

So instead of making a specific resolution like, “I will create a painting every day for a month.” Why not make a general resolution such as, “I will learn a new technique using acrylics this year.”

Because this is a blog about creativity which happens to be my passion, I thought I should come up with some examples of general creative resolutions that might get you inspired and that you might be able to keep. If you have had bad experiences with resolutions by all means, pass on by. Don’t sweat it. And if you make some resolutions and can’t stick to them, please don’t be too hard on yourself. There is always next year and the next and the next.

General Creative Resolutions to get you thinking: (You can take these resolutions and change them up to fit your interests.)

  • I will study an artist’s style that I enjoy in order to incorporate a portion of the style in one of my works of art this year.
  • I will buy a book on creativity and try to read a little each week.
  • I will write down my thoughts about my art work on a monthly basis.
  • I will give myself an art show of my old work from the past looking for work that has a chance to be salvaged.
  • I will give myself several days a year to make a mess with my art, playing, scribbling, tearing things up, gluing, painting over, etc. without judgment.
  • I will have fun creating.
  • I will share creative time with someone I love.
  • I will offer to teach someone a technique that I know.
  • If I can not create physically, I will create mentally.

This list is far from the ultimate list of creative resolutions. The whole point of this post is to get you thinking. Is it working?

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