My Top Ten Workshop Pet Peeves

Going to a watercolor workshop or any type of art workshop can be a wonderful learning experience or it can be a nightmare. Workshops are not cheap either. When you pay hundreds of dollars for the workshop, take a week of vacation from work, pay for travel and hotel; it can really add up. So, I want to get my monies worth.

Many times I do. I have had many valuable learning experiences. I carry special memories from some workshops I attended. Others were another story. Some workshops were not satisfying. I ended up agitated and frustrated. I started thinking about those experiences and came up with a list of things that really annoyed me when I went to a workshop.

Here is my list:

My Top Ten Workshop Pet Peeves

1. Teacher is late.

2. Too many participants and therefore not enough one on one time with the teacher.

3. Not enough room to work or move around in the workshop area.

4. Work area is not comfortable, too cold or too hot.

5. Teacher is not prepared.

6. Teacher shuts down the class or seminar before the scheduled time.

7. Rude participants that:

a) interrupt the teacher,

b) ask questions in an attempt to show how much they know,

c) arrive late,

d) carry on conversations during the teacher’s demonstration,

e) leave their cell phone on, and

f) try to dominate the teacher’s attention.

8.Teacher that comes in with an attitude, makes fun of students, is sarcastic or angry about something.

9. Teacher plays favorites, spending more time with a few chosen students.

10. Teacher spends time on very basic, beginner’s information when students are expecting more advanced material.

So, what is your pet peeve when you go to a workshop?

Let me hear from you.

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