My First One Woman Show – Part Two



There is something I didn’t mention before about my one woman show at Texas A & M University.  The day of the reception and lecture, August 1, 1989,  Hurricane Chantal hit the coast of Texas.  The storm made its pathway through College Station and Bryan. As the day progressed, the weather got worse.  I was very disappointed.  I wondered if the night might be rescheduled, but “NO” the show would go on.

Opening night was sparsely attended.  Who wanted to get out in this horrible weather?  Some very dear friends and family attended. One friend drove all the way from Austin in the storm and then went back through the storm the same night.  I felt very honored to have a friend so supportive.  The public speaking class attended because after all I was their assignment.  Some professors and random visitors that happened to be staying at the Memorial Student Center Guest Rooms also attended.

One of these random visitors happened to be Kenneth D. Perry, the gallery director for the Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross University.  He was trapped in College Station due to the weather and decided to come to my show.  What a blessing that was.  Mr. Perry liked my work and told me to contact him about having a one woman show at the museum.

Funny how things work out.  The evening did not turn out at all like I was expecting.  I did not get the attendance I was hoping for, but I made a great contact.  I made a contact that ended up with me having a one woman show in Alpine, Texas in 1991.  There is no way that I would have ever dreamed or planned for that to happen.

We can’t always plan how things will work out.  Sometimes things happen that we don’t understand at the time, but they turn out better than we can imagine.

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