My Creativity Blog Birthday – 2012

First Picture of My Creativity Blog

First Picture of My Creativity Blog

I can’t believe that My Creativity Blog is celebrating another birthday. It has been four years since I first started this website. I have really learned an incredible amount since creating that first post. I had no idea that the blog would create the interest it has. I want to take this time to say “Thank You!” to all my readers, subscribers, and sponsors for all the support you have given me in this endeavor.

Over these four years, there have been over 440 articles shared on the subject of creativity, art, and the artistic process. The first full year in existence we had just over 5200 page views. Not as many as I had hoped for but I was new at this blogging thing and very glad to have the visitors to the site that I did. This year I estimate that My Creativity Blog will have a little over 40,000 page views.  Page views don’t tell the whole story. I know that other more popular blogs probably have 40,000 page views in a month or maybe even in a week. But to me, it is a sign of steady growth. For that I am thankful.

This year My Creativity Blog has also had steady growth in returning visitors to read and share in the content. We also have a growing number of subscribers through RSS and email.

Since starting this blog I have moved twice. I lived in Hawaii the first year, moved to Oregon the next year, and then on to Texas. I also took on a full time teaching job while trying to grow this blog. The job did take its toll on the number of articles I could produce in a month. Yes, I know you noticed. Some months are better than others, but I am sure trying. I hope you will forgive me for not cranking the articles out as quickly as I did at the start.

I am dedicated to this content. I am passionate about art and about sharing creative ideas to inspire others. I hope that in some way this blog has helped the world become a more creative place. Thanks for dropping by. Please leave a comment if you have a moment to spare.


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