Look Up!

Moon Setting Over Molokai

Moon Setting Over Molokai

Life can get so busy, so crazy. We are on the go, driving to work, shopping, taking children to music lessons, school, or ballgames. We are worrying about this or that. We are wondering if we will ever have a moment of time for ourselves. If we don’t have time for ourselves, when will we have time to create?

So today, take a moment or maybe just a second to look up. Say a little prayer. Thank God for all your blessings. Thank God for the ability to do all those things you need to do. But also tell him your creative desires and needs.

You may not have the words or the moment to express your thanks. But, God knows your thoughts.  He is listening even if all you can do is scream.

You may want to get up 30 minutes early to have time to pray.  The morning I took this photograph my husband and I had just sold and moved out of our house. We were buying another home but the deal fell through the night before. We spent the night in a hotel.

I got up early with camera in hand. I watched the morning come to life and saw this wonderful scene with the moon setting as the sun was rising.  I prayed. By that afternoon we had a house to live in. It was a rent house, but it sure beat being homeless.

A very special friend told me, “Keep your eyes on the Lord”.  That is sound advice. Remembering that has helped get me through some very difficult times in my life.  So, I reiterate using a shorter version.  “Look Up!”  As you do, you just might find something spectacular.

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