Isn’t “Organized Creativity” an Oxymoron

Organized Creativity?

Organized Creativity?

“Organized Creativity” was going to be the title of this article. As I typed the two words into the post I realized I had created an oxymoron. So I changed the title to the above. Organization and creativity is very near and dear to my heart and well being right now. Why is it so important to me at this time? Because I am currently living in a 19 foot long RV.

When you live in a really small area organization is crucial to anyone and everyone. But placing an artist in a small space can create havoc for everyone else plus themselves if organization is missing. I can tell you that being creative and organized is a challenge. Lately I feel as if all I do is move piles from one place to another. So, this article is pointed at myself. I need to be organized and creative out of neccesity. So here are two questions for you:

Are you an organized creative artist? And can you actually create and be organized simultaneously?

So now you know I am not the most organized of creatives. I tend to be messy and leave my art supplies sitting out in the way. It was okay when I had a studio. I could just close the door and not worry about it. But, now if I leave things out, my husband and I have no place to do our everyday chores like eating, doing dishes, sleeping, etc.

Plus, if things get too cluttered or too messy, I become annoyed and feel out of sorts. I have to stop and organize before I can continue. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? As an artist shouldn’t I be able to just block out my surroundings and create with glee? Comments anyone???

The funny thing is that sometimes I can block out the world and its mess. But sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I feel as if the mess is literally yelling at me to do something. When that happens I have to clean the slate and create a fresh clean work space.

Then when I clean and straighten, sometimes I can’t find the supplies I need. What I battle I wage as an artist. 🙂



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