Inquisitive Minds Want to Know

I have noticed a trend. If you are ever on Facebook or other social media sites you will find all types of quizes people take on line to learn about themselves. Remember the games we used to play as children with a paper design where you had to pick a color and then a number and then you got an answer to a question?

Now you can go on Facebook and take quizes about all types of things such as: What color is your aura? What Disney character are you? What color are you? What star would you most likely get arrested with? The list could go on and on. The types of quizes that I see available are quite creative in their own right.

People often take these quizes and then post the results on Facebook for their friends to see. I have even been known to take a test now and then but I do not post the results on Facebook. I figure my friends don’t need to know that stuff.

Anyway, what is it about human nature that makes us want to do these little quizes? Is it curiosity about ourselves? Do we thirst for knowledge about our basic characteristics? Do inquisitive minds want to know? Is it our creativity that drives us to take these exams? Is our creativity related to our curiosity about such things? Or does creativity have anything to do with it? What do you think?

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