Happy Holidays

Snow covered trees near Sandy, Oregon

Snow covered trees near Sandy, Oregon

I am traveling for the holidays. I hope everyone is having a great time celebrating with family and friends. My husband and I have been to Oregon and are now in Texas. The snow was beautiful in Oregon, but too cold for someone that has gotten acclimated to the weather in Hawaii. Texas is warmer, but typical. You never know how to dress. One day it is cold, the next hot. We had to run the air conditioner on Christmas Day.

Being in the snow in Oregon was a treat for me. I have never really experienced snow. I got to sled for the first time in my life. We used an inflatable boat as a sled. That’s creativity! It was so much fun. I learned that you need to have the proper clothes when playing in the snow.

Snow covers all the blemishes of the world.  Almost all color disappears. The simplicity of a snow scene is soothing. Some day when you decide to create an art project, think of the snow and limit your palette. Use only three primary colors and mix the rest. Make your work a monochromatic experiment. Limit the size of your brush. Do a painting using a size 20 paintbrush and nothing else. Draw with a marker instead of a pencil. Do something to simplify the subject. Refuse to look at a photo of your subject. Draw from memory. These are all ideas to give your work a different look and your art experience a lift.

Take care. Happy New Year!

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