Gone to Molokai

Hi Guys! I have gone to Molokai, my favorite Hawaiian island, to visit friends. I don’t know if I will have internet access to update my blog, so I am leaving you with a video of some of the beaches on the west end of Molokai. The beaches there are beautiful, quiet and pristine. I am not a professional videographer, so forgive me if the horizon line is a little off and my zooming is a little too fast or slow.

I get inspired when I travel. I get revitalized when I discover new things and revisit places I love. My hope is that you will watch the short video (4 minutes, 23 seconds) and become inspired. ¬†Or you can use the video as a short meditation. Put your feet up and listen to the surf wash across the lava rocks, the sand, the shore. I plan on walking on these same beaches when I get there. I’m taking my camera, all my lenses, video camcorder, sketchbook, a small set of watercolor paints, etc. Can you tell I’m excited? Maybe the video will inspire you to do a beach scene today. I hope so. Aloha!

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