Fun Art Activities for Children

As an art teacher and grandmother I am always looking for fun art activities for children.  Sometimes it really helps to see what other people are doing.  Sometimes a new activity can spawn more ideas for a different approach in your classroom or at home activities.

So, I am on the lookout for art activities for children on the internet. I searched Google and found many web sites I thought parents, grandparents and teachers could use.  I started making a list. I was planning to put my list in this article, but after looking at some of the websites and going through the activities I was disappointed.

I feel I need to do more research. I need more input from parents and teachers. I was disappointed by sites with so many ads that it was difficult to find my way to the activities. Some sites sent me to places where books were for sale.  Some sites just had coloring pages.  To me, coloring pages are not art activities. I can get on my soap box about that. I would rather parents give their children blank paper than a coloring book.

Now, after saying that, I have to admit that I have colored my share of coloring books. It is fun and relaxing even now when I am a grandmother. But, it is not art. It can be a tool for teaching children how to hold a colored pencil or crayon, color names, or how to stay in the lines. But, staying in the lines is limiting to the child. Let the child use their imagination. Let them think outside the box. Let them use arbitrary color.  Let them create their own coloring page from a blank sketchbook.  Okay, I’ve said my peace.

Now you know, I’m looking for children’s art activities on the internet. I hope to have a list for you in a few weeks. If anyone reading this article knows of any websites or actually activities please let me know through my contact page or comments on this article. I would really appreciate everyone’s opinion and experience. I hope to find free activities that require relatively inexpensive supplies.

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