Family Movie Night

As we enter this time of recession in the United States, families are having to be creative about their spending. The dollar just isn’t stretching near as far these days. You might be clipping coupons for the first time in your adult life or you might be eating more dinners at home. I am not going to give you suggestions on how to pay your bills. Instead, I want to share an example of inexpensive and memorable fun.

Instead of buying tickets to the nearest cinema, host a family movie night. We do this every six weeks of school as a treat. First my children choose an appropriate movie. Even though I have five kids, it surprisingly doesn’t take that long. Then they make tickets for the show. Each time the tickets are a little different. As they are making the tickets, I ask each one what kind of candy they want. Usually you can find movie candy at Wal-Mart for 88 cents a box. Later that week, we will purchase it while we are out on some other errand. By this time, anticipation for our fun night has grown exponentially. We just can’t wait.

The kids joyfully tidy the living room while I clean up the kitchen after dinner. My husband pops popcorn in the air popper which fills the room with a wonderful aroma. He adds plenty of sea salt and butter. We pour root beer in cups. Then we set up a display of all the treats. My daughter usually takes up everyone’s tickets and I work the snack counter with a foreign accent just for added fun.

Everyone lines up to place their order. They laugh at my accent and my silly conversation with them. They enjoy selecting their favorite candy and picking up their hot, buttery popcorn. We all smile at their foam mustaches from the root beer. When everyone is seated, we start the movie.

My husband and I relish these fun evenings at home with our large family. Our children look forward to these evenings and constantly ask when the next movie night will be held. I hope that they will cherish these memories and continue what has now become a tradition regardless of the economy. I highly recommend a family movie night. Compared to the ticket price and cost for snacks not to mention the cost of gas, this is a very cheap and fun alternative. It just takes a little creativity.

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