Everyday Creativity

Do you ever think that “creativity” is only for artists?  Talented men and women who make their life’s work about beauty, form, texture, etc.  Sculptors, painters, and sketch-artists come to mind when I hear the word “creative.” 

My family loves to watch the TLC show “Cake Boss.”  If you have not seen the show, Buddy Valastro runs a bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey with his family.  Buddy and his crew are artists.  They are completely creative with all things cake.  From the flavors, to decorating techniques, to hand painting intricate designs, the bakers on the show prove that creativity has a place even with edible art.

Last night I watched him make sugar flowers for a cake.  The flowers were so beautiful and realistic that I honestly wanted to smell them.  It is amazing what gifted people can do with their medium of choice, whether it be modeling chocolate or marble.

I think most people would agree that the above examples connect creativity with art.  But does creativity always have to be connected with art?  Can you be creative without being an artist?  I submit, absolutely!

My step-father just turned a pasture into a scaled-down golf course.  Using pieces of pipe and a lawnmower, he designed the course to suit the lay of the land.  It is not an 18 hole course by any means.  It has four or five holes.  He took the time to make flags for each hole with the number of the hole painted on it.  Not only is the idea creative, but he made it his.  He put his personal touch to the project.  He not only created a mini-golf course, but he did it creatively. 

My husband and I recently worked together to build a fence for a neighbor.  As soon as the last board was secured and the gate was hung, I was done, but not my husband.  We stood back to admire our work, and he began talking about using his router to make the wooden fence posts more attractive.  He is currently trying to figure out the design he is going to cut using his router. 

How many of you like me are in the kitchen everyday?  You can only make the same recipes for so long before you ache for a change.  This morning I changed a basic muffin recipe into an apple-cinnamon cake.  It was delicious.  I have written down my new recipe.  Last Sunday my sister-in-law and I made a marinade for venison ham steaks.  We were limited by what we could use and faced with an interesting array of possible ingredients.  Working together we came up with a recipe.  After we received so many compliments on it, we had to write down what we had done for future use. 

Well the last three examples are not earth-shattering, life-altering art; however, they are examples of everyday creativity.  You might not be able to relate to the creative genius of Michelangelo or Buddy Valastro, but certainly you can relate to using your creativity in the kitchen, at work, on your hobbies, etc.  Using this kind of creativity might not win you worldwide fame, but it is something that enriches your life at a very personal level.  For that reason alone, everyday creativity is arguably more important.

When you find yourself in a creative slump, when you have no new ideas, when you are frustrated and blocked, take time to step back and notice all the examples of creativity at work in your life on a daily basis.  I promise that you will amaze yourself.  One of the things that makes your life unique is everyday creativity.

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