Do You Consider Yourself Creative?


Do you hang out with creative people? Do you think their creativity rubs off on you? Do you consider yourself creative? 

Just a few questions to start off with. As you can tell, I like questions. They make me think. I like to problem solve. I like a challenge. I like the way it feels when I come up with a solution to an issue.

Because I write for this blog I am always thinking about creativity, the hows, the whys and the buts on the subject.

I have this theory about creativity. I am pretty sure this is not original as I know there really isn’t anything new under the sun.

My theory of creativity is:

You are as creative as you think you are. 

There are many articles and books about positive thoughts and how these positive thoughts can bring abundance. Conversely, the idea is that negative thoughts bring negatives into your life.  If this is so, then why not apply it to being creative?

So the moral to this story is:

Believe you are creative.

So how do you do that? Well, you either must truly believe you are creative or you must convince yourself that you are creative.  Now, repeat after me….

“I am a talented and gifted creative being. My creativity increases each day of my life. I am a talented and gifted creative being………”

If you don’t like that mantra, make one of your own. Repeat your mantra on a daily basis.

If my theory of creativity is correct; then your creativity will increase the more you believe in yourself. WOW! How awesome is that!

So when asked, “Do you consider yourself creative?”, the answer should be, “Absolutely!” 

And “Yes!” I think other creative people do rub off on you, so hang out with other creatives. You’ll have more fun too.

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3 Responses to Do You Consider Yourself Creative?

  1. People make the mistake of dividing creative from non creative people. The ability to think creatively is built into every human brain on the planet. We just have to practice

  2. Andy says:

    Being creative to me is about taking that first step and creating something. I think of myself as creative, but when I’m not producing anything new I start to question it. I like the idea of a mantra, but for me it would be “create something today”.

  3. Andy, Your mantra is an excellent one. Trying to do something creative everyday whether it is coming up with a new recipe, drawing a doodle, or arranging a bouquet of wildflowers is a wonderful goal.

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