Crisp, Crackly Fall

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air

Tomorrow is the first day of fall.  I am looking forward to the fall colors here in Oregon.  The trees should be at their peak the third week in October according to the local weather man.  I have been in Oregon in October before and loved seeing the brillant colors, shapes and textures of the foliage.  I spent most of my life living in Texas so, it is quite a treat to experience the explosion of color an Oregon fall affords.

I remember when my children were small.  They enjoyed it when I raked fall leaves in the yard.  The leaves were mostly brown but nonetheless, the kids would had fun.  They threw leaves in each other’s hair, kicked leaves in the air and knocked each other into the pile.

So, maybe in honor of the autumnal equinox, we should do something creative with leaves.   What are our options?

  • With your camera, take macro shots of leaves focusing on the veins, texture, shape and color.
  • Press leaves in a book.
  • Take texture rubbings of leaves.
  • Make a nature journal documenting the leaves by writing poems and descriptions of the leaves or do sketches of leaves. You could also tape the leaves in the journal.
  • Collect leaves of your favorite colors and use the colors as a theme for a painting or colored pencil sketch.
  • Tape leaves to a large piece of drawing paper. Then sketch the negative space around the leaves. Color with colored pencil.
  • Make a centerpiece using leaves.

These are just a few ideas that hopefully will get you to thinking about what you can do to celebrate the coming of fall. Let me know what you decide to do. Send me an email with photos of your work. I would love to hear from you.  Have a crisp, crackly fall!

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