Creativity with an Ipad

Nevada Sky

Nevada Sky

I got an Ipad for my birthday. I never really wished for one until the advertisements for the Ipad 3 came out. Several of my students had IPads and brought them to school which intrigued me. Last fall while applying for a grant for my art class I decided to ask for five IPads for the classroom. I did not get the grant but I did find out there is a lot that can be done with the IPad that applies to Art.

No, I am not doing a commercial for Apple.

One of the first things you will need to do when you get an IPad is to decide what apps you will want to download and use. There are so many. I asked my students what their favorite apps were and they mostly told me the games they play. Most were free.

A more realistic sunset.

A more realistic sunset.

So I decided to see what various bloggers had to say about apps for the Ipad. I found several blogs that discussed varies applications. I made a note of those that looked interesting.

I also wondered if some software companies had applications for the IPad. Since I use Adobe Photoshop quite often I searched the internet to see what Adobe had to offer on the Ipad. I found numerous applications. I decided to try two of them. I downloaded the free version of Adobe Photoshop Express and I purchased Adobe Photoshop Touch. Both are used in editing photographs.

PS Express is very basic but a good free tool. You can take pictures or select a photo you already have and change it. You can crop, edit the brightness and contrast, eliminate color, change the color of the photograph, and add effects or borders. If you want to save an image with borders or effects, you have to purchase the effects package for $2.99 and the border package for $1.99.

PS Touch is more complicated. The app is much like regular Photoshop that I use at school with layers and all different types of tools to create with. The app comes with some tutorials that are very easy to follow. I learned a lot by working my way through the different lessons. The photo at the top of the article was created by using this app. I used two different photographs to create this very unreal image of the mountains in Nevada. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but I was certainly having fun. It was a creative outlet that I could do on the run.

If you asked me the steps I took to create this image I would not be able to tell you. I could not replicate this either. I am sure the more I work with the application the better I will be at keeping track of my editing.

Daisy Heart

Daisy Heart

Another app that I purchased is called Procreate. It is another editing application for photos or you can actually draw and paint with this one. I have not had a chance to do much experimenting with this one, but I will keep you posted about it. You do have the ability to create layers with this app too.

Another application that I downloaded at the suggestion of my students was Sketchbook Express. This was a free app. You can draw and paint with this application and also upload photographs to edit. Adding text is available and numerous other effects. Once again I am new to using this app and have not really spent much time playing with it. Playing with an app seems to be the best way for me to learn. I push all the buttons and see what happens. It is nice that most apps have an undo button. So if you mess up, you just go back a step.

Oh, another app I purchased is Penultimate. It is for writing, doodling, drawing, etc. Very fun to use and it only cost 99 cents. (I think.) If you want to view art and get a perspective from others download Art Circles. Various artists put together their collection of favorite works. It is interesting to see the diversity in taste. You must be on the internet to use this application.

Now I know my readers are very creative people and I am sure some of you have an Ipad. I would love to hear about the applications you use on your Ipad. Please share your experiences and work with us. Thanks again for coming by to visit. Celebrate your creativity no matter what avenue you use!

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