Creativity in General

Molokai 16 Mile BeachCreativity is a very broad subject. Is it too broad for a blog?

Do you have to be an artist, actor, writer, musician, director, or dancer to be creative? Aren’t we all creative in some manner?  Where can we use our creativity? These are all very valid questions.

I feel that every person is creative in their own way.  Each person has the ability to create. According to Webster, creativity is a noun defined as “creative ability; artistic or intellectual inventiveness”. I believe that applies to all of us.

Now some of us may be more creative than others. Some of us are creative and talented in ways others are not. I know people that are considered creative gurus and others that reserve their creativity to a few areas in their life.

Many people say they are not creative because they can’t draw or paint. Drawing and painting is not the end all to creativity. Also, just because you can draw or paint doesn’t mean you will be creative in others areas. You would be amazed at the things people expect of you when they discover you are “artistic” or “creative”.  (Ask me to do a flower arrangement or tie a bow; a melt down will follow shortly.)

On the other hand, I have friends that say they are not creative. When I have the opportunity to visit their homes.  I am amazed. I am usually knocked over by their collections of beautiful items, fabrics, textures, scents, and colors.  I see the product of their creativity.  Some people sew or quilt, cook gourmet meals, scrapbook, play musical instruments, dabble in photography; all creative works.

Then there are people that are the creative gurus.  I have an artist friend that falls into that category. She shall remain nameless. (You know who you are!)  She is a painter, a teacher, a business woman.  Her home is full of wonderful antiques that she has collected over the years.  She can whip up a gourmet meal, throw a dinner party, chair an art show, or demonstrate painting techniques in front of hundreds of people.

She can also put together an ensemble of outfits to die for. Wherever my friend  goes people stop and admire her look.  She is truly a creative artist in ever facet of her life.  She is someone that you want to be around. Just being near her for a few minutes gets your creative juices going. I think her insatiable desire to learn new things and to have new experiences causes her creativity to continue to grow.  Growth keeps us full of life, young  and vibrant.

Creativity is a mind set.

Where can you be creative?

1. Fine art –
Painting –
Drawing –
Colored Pencil
Oil pastel
Pen & Ink

2. Crafts-
Soap and candle making
3. Writing – journaling
4. Cooking
5. Traveling
6. Finance/Accounting
7. Family Fun
8. Sewing
9. Vocabulary
10. Exercising
11. Dieting
12. Genealogy Research
13. Interior Design
14. Cleaning
15. Education
16. Business
17. Advertising
18. Making money\spending money
19. Packing
20. Gift Buying
21. Prayer\Meditation
22. Time management
23. Scientific research
24. Health
25. Shopping
26. Web Design/Technology
27. Parenting
28. House Design/Remodeling
29. Relationships
30. Landscaping/Gardening
31. Calligraphy

The list could go on ad infinitum.  Let me know what needs to be added to this list. As I continue to work on this blog, I hope to categorize my writings and any guest writers in this way. I have some exciting ideas about the direction this blog will be moving towards, so please keep coming back. Have a great creative day!!!

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