Creativity Devotional – Your Special Purpose

A Little Reflection

A Little Reflection

Do not neglect the gift that is in you.

I Timothy 4:14


We all have gifts, special talents, blessings from above. We are all unique. No one has the same combination of talents, the same way of looking at the world, the same ways of expression, or the same personality.

Take some time to reflect, to look at yourself in depth. Try to recognize what special talents you have and how you might use those talents for good. It doesn’t really matter if your talent is the ability to cook a great meal, tell a funny story, build a house, write a poem, ride a horse, or play an instrument.  What matters is using your gifts for your special purpose here on earth.



Thank you for my uniqueness.  Thank you for all the many gifts you have blessed me with.  I am so grateful for the ability to develop my talents and skills.  Help me to always remember that all my gifts come through You.  Give me the wisdom to know how to use my talents so that I might express my love for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen

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2 Responses to Creativity Devotional – Your Special Purpose

  1. Lara says:

    What a beautiful picture! Is that one of yours and if so what is it? Thank you for the devotional. It is nice to know that we all have a gift.

    Lara’s last blog post..A Baaaad Haircut

  2. Hi Lara: Yes the photograph is mine. It was taken on the Big Island. I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X to manipulate the photo. The software has a filter that can make the picture a mirror image. If you draw a line down the middle of the photo you can see it. I just thought is was fun. Thanks for coming to my site! ~Terry

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