Creativity Devotional – Touched by God

picasso dove

You ought to be able to say that a painting is as it is, with its capacity to move us, because it is as though it were touched by God. But people would think it a sham. And yet that is what’s nearest the truth.

Pablo Picasso


How do you feel about the quote by Pablo Picasso? Reading his quote I have mixed feelings. I am pleased that Picasso saw God’s hand in artwork. I too feel that God is incredibly involved in the creative process. When you have had an experience where your painting seems to paint itself you can relate to what he said.

The statement that people would think God’s involvement is a sham makes me sad. I hope most people do not think that. I also hope I will always keep in mind that the blessing of creativity comes from the Lord God.

Have a great Easter! Enjoy your family. Thank God for your creativity.



You are an awesome God. You reign supreme. I am so appreciative of the blessing of creativity. Thank you for your creative touch as I work through a painting, a drawing, an art lesson, or a blog article. Help others to see your influence. Thank you so much for the sacrifice of Your son, Jesus Christ. I pray I can live a life that is uplifting to others and pleasing to You.

In Christ’s Name,


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