Creativity Devotional – Spirit of Love


“We do not mind our not arriving anywhere nearly so much
as our not having any company on the way.”

Frank Moore Colby


I have been homesick for my family, my children and grandchildren.  They live in Texas.  It is not an easy drive to go visit from Oregon.  I keep in touch through email, letters, the phone and occasionally through Skype.  The holidays seem to make the homesickness worse.

But I am lucky because I have a closeness with my family that can cross the distance.  I know that we are together through a spirit of love. I am also lucky because my husband’s children and grandchildren, plus brothers, nieces and nephews are all here in the Portland area.  We have several holiday events scheduled which will keep me busy and out of the holiday blues.

Yesterday I got a surprise and a reminder of that spirit of love. My granddaughter, Kyla, sent me a Christmas card.  Kyla wrote a beautiful message and ended it with 7 – X’s and 7 – O’s.  X’s are kisses and O’s are hugs in case you didn’t know. Enclosed with the card was a pin that Kyla made. The pin is precious! It is one of Santa’s elves wearing a little red hat, with a white beard and eyes that move about.

I was very excited to receive this card and gift in the mail.  I immediately put the pin on my coat and proudly wore it the rest of the day.  I called to tell my daughter, Lara,  I had received Kyla’s card.  Lara was as surprised as I was. She did not know that Kyla had sent me anything. I naturally assumed Kyla had asked her mother to help her with mailing the card, since she is only ten years old. But, Kyla had done everything on her own.  That made the gift even better and more meaningful in my eyes.

Writer, Frank Moore Colby, was right about needing company as we make our journey through life. Artists need people.  People need people.  Even when we can’t be together we can know in our heart that we are together in a spirit of love.



Thank you for family and friends.  Thank you for love that knows no boundaries.  Comfort the lonely.  Wrap your loving arms around those in pain, in poor health, or in grief.  Bring estranged families back together. Give us all a spirit of love in all that we do.  Thank you for this wonderful holiday season.  Bless us and keep us safe during this time of hustle and bustle.  Help us to remember what is important.

In Christ’s name. Amen

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