Creativity Devotional – Solitude

Bryce Canyon View

Bryce Canyon View

“When I am, as it were, completely myself,
entirely alone, and of good cheer –
say, traveling in a carriage,
or walking after a good meal,
or during the night when I cannot sleep;
it is on such occasions
that my ideas flow best and most abundantly.”

Wolfgang Mozart

Thought and Prayer:

This Friday I decided to leave you with a video.
I hope and pray you are able to find your place of solitude.
It can be rejuvenating.

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2 Responses to Creativity Devotional – Solitude

  1. GK says:

    Really nice site, Terry. Particularly enjoyed the article about Artist’s journey book, and the artist dates. Liked the Jackie Gleason quote too. I’ll have to drop back and see what else you have.
    .-= GK´s last blog ..“How Cancer Made My Life Better” post 3 =-.

  2. Thank you, G.K. I checked out your blog as well. Looks like you have a great site. Come back soon.

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