Creativity Devotional – Secret of Sanctity and Happiness


I found the following prayer in the appendix of The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer.  I did a little research and found that Cardinal Desire- Joseph Mercier was Archbishop of Malines, Belgium from 1906 until his death.  You can read more about Cardinal Mercier at Wikipedia by clicking here.

I feel that Cardinal Mercier’s words fit perfectly as a creativity devotional. Here is what he said:

I am going to revel to you the secret of sanctity and happiness. Every day for five minutes control your imagination and close your eyes to the things of sense and your ears to all the noises of the world, in order to enter into yourself.  Then, in the sanctity of your baptized soul speak to that Divine Spirit, saying to Him:

“Oh, Holy Spirit, beloved of my soul…I adore you.

Enlighten me, guide me, strengthen me, console me.

Tell me what I should do, give me Your orders.

I promise to submit myself to all that You desire of me and to accept all that You permit to happen to me.

Let me only know Your will.”

If you do this, your life will flow along happily, serenely, and full of consolation, even in the midst of trials.  Grace will be proportioned to the trial, giving you the strength to carry it and you will arrive at the gate of Paradise, laden with merit.

Do any of you have a prayer that you use on a regular basis to help you as you do your artwork? I would love it if some of you would share. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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