Creativity Devotional – Run Away Without Leaving Home

Run Away with Your Art

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.

Twyla Tharp


This quote is quite fun and truthful. I thought about this very idea last night after puttering in my art room for a few hours.

Last evening when I came home from work I was pretty tired.  Being a teacher can be exhausting depending on what you have been doing in your classroom. You might spend all day on your feet monitoring students, leading a class discussion or other activities. When I got home I wanted to melt into the couch.

I sat on the couch thinking about all the things I could be accomplishing. So I made myself get up and go to my art room. An unfinished painting was on my mind. I wondered where it was.

So, I dug through all my drawers and cabinets. As I looked through my artwork, some old pieces and various unfinished ones, I made mental notes. I told myself, “I want to redo that painting,” or “That one is almost done, it just needs a little of this or that.”

I finally found the art work I was looking for. It was an experimental piece I was doing to try some new techniques.  I got out my art supplies and played. I used colored pencil, watercolor, and acrylics. I lost track of time completely. I had fun!

Afterwards, I felt relaxed. I was not as tired as I had been when I came home from school. It was as if I had gone on a mini-vacation and I didn’t even have to go out of town.

Take some time today to play in your art room.


Dear Lord:

We work hard. Some of us are artists with full time jobs as well. Please give us the  drive and desire to get in our art rooms or studios. Help us to remember to play when we create.  Refresh us on a daily basis. Bless us with new and exciting ideas. Thank you God for all.

In Christ’s Name,


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  2. Kim says:

    I think sometimes as artists – whether its our profession or our hobby – we find ourselves only creating when we have to instead of when we want to. We get so caught up in whatever it is we “have” to work on (swap crafts, gifts, items for our Etsy shops, etc) that we never give ourselves a chance to create for the sake of creating.

    Thanks for that gentle reminder with this post!!

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