Creativity Devotional – Make Me a Channel Meditation

Cliffs of Molokai

Cliffs of Molokai

“Make me a channel of thy peace.”

From the Prayer of Saint Francis


Meditation is a great way to relax and initiate a closer connection with God. I am relatively new to meditation.  I did not understand what meditation was all about until I went to a retreat last summer.  The whole weekend was devoted to meditating on the quote above.

Each time we meditated at the retreat we focused on one of the seven chakras. I had no idea what a chakra was but by the end of the weekend I had a better understanding. Here are a few of the meditation techniques we used. We used breathing techniques to help us release stress.  We focused on negative thoughts flowing down and out of our bodies through our feet and into the ground below.  We visualized a white ball of light flowing through the top of our head and moving back and forth from head to toe.

By the end of the weekend I could sit quietly by myself and focus inwardly.  Even though I wasn’t good at it, I could still benefit from the process. I think the hardest part of meditation for me is turning off the constant conversation going on in my brain.  That constant jabber is what makes me stressed out.

Today is a good day to meditate.  Sit still.  Listen to your breath.  Focus on quieting the mind.  Breathe in energy and strength from God.  Breathe out anger, resentment, and anything that is causing stress in your life. Let God recharge you.



Direct my thinking today as I meditate.  Recharge every facet of my being with your spiritual purpose for my life.  Make me a channel of thy will through my memories, motivations, actions, emotions, words, and thoughts.  With faith, I pray that you will grant me strength to carry out your intentions.  Remove any distractions that would hinder my connection with You.  Give me positive thoughts and creative ideas.  Guide my choices and decisions.  Let me always remember that you are with me. In Christ’s name. Amen

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2 Responses to Creativity Devotional – Make Me a Channel Meditation

  1. Nice one Terry…keep posting…tell us more about the actual techniques which could be practised to achieve some piece…stress really kills…i practice some of them on my own…

    I love to learn as i do…but surely wont mind to know more and learn something…

    Mohit Valecha’s last blog post..Paint my soul

  2. Thank you Mohit. Yes, stress can be really harmful to the body. I am definitely not an expert on the subject, but love to learn also. I’ll be sharing as I learn more. I appreciate your comments. Keep coming back. 🙂 ~Terry

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