Creativity Devotional – Look Afresh


“Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.”

— George Kneller

Afresh isn’t really a word that I hear being used very much. It means new beginnings. I enjoyed finding this quote by George Kneller today because it made me think about how I view the world. It also reminded me that I actually applied that concept to my own art work a few weeks ago.


In my studio there is a huge flat file cabinet filled with paintings and drawings. This file has things from years and years ago. For one reason or another I place some of my work in these drawers. It may be that I got tired of the subject matter or I thought I had some how ruined the image. Usually when the work gets put in the file it ends up being forgotten.


About once a year I try to go through the art work in the flat file. Most of the work stays where it is, but sometimes I become intrigued by one of the old pieces and pull it out and begin to play with it. A few weeks ago I did exactly that. I pulled out an old painting of purple irises. The painting was not finished. Who knows why I quit on it. I can’t remember. I think the painting has been in the flat file for about ten years.


I decided I wanted to put pen and ink on the painting and so I started doing some drawing on the flowers and background. After about a week, I had transformed this little painting into something that I really love and am proud of.  Amazing how a fresh look can make a difference.


You can apply this concept to anything and everything in your life. It can apply to your home, your job, your relationships, etc. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in things that we don’t really see. Take some time today to look afresh. You just might like what you see!


Holy Father,


Thank you so much for our eyesight and all the wonderfully brilliant and beautiful views there are in this world. Please bless us today as we try to look with a fresh eye. Give us the knowledge to see how to better our creative work. Let us be open to new concepts and ideas. Let us see the world in a new and fresh way.

In Christ’s name. Amen
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