Creativity Devotional – Life Without Art?

Woman in Meditation
“Art is much less important than life,
but what a poor life without it.”
~Robert Motherwell

I didn’t have a very good day with my students today. I was pulled in every direction. Students were at different stages of their work and demanding attention. I was completely worn to a frazzle after 8th period. Yes, I am an art teacher. Today was just one of those days. The days are not always like that. Some days are worse. Some days are awesome.

What gives me incentive to continue teaching art other than the obvious financial benefit of having a job? It is the fact that I get to give my students a taste of art that they might not ever get. This exposure may or may not affect their lives. I most likely will never know about the majority.

But, I have kept in touch with some of my students. Some of them have come back to tell me that Art opened a new world for them, giving them a different way to see. They are able to discuss art with others and get excited about the prospect of seeing work in museums and galleries. Some have even continued making their own art.  Their lives have been enriched by art.

Yes, I agree with Robert Motherwell. I can’t imagination life without art. In my opinion, Art is nourishment for the soul. 


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the gift of an art filled life. Thank You for the ability to create. Thank you for inspiration. Thank you for sending encouragement when we get worn down. Please bless each and every person that reads this devotional.

In Christ’s Holy name,


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