Creativity Devotional – Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14

New International Version


I ran across this photograph the other day and it made me think of the scripture above. Christ spoke these words as recorded in the gospel of Matthew.

Christ was the light of the world and he said we were too. Christ let his light shine. He spoke the truth and shared God’s message for all to hear. He taught his disciples so they could share the message to others after his death. He lived his life in a manner that was a lesson for all to learn from. He was the perfect example.

Obviously no one can be perfect, but we can try to live a life reflecting the attributes of Christ. So, what can an artist do to be the light of the world?

Well, as artists we can let our light shine by using our talents. I feel that we should let others know what our talents are. If you keep all your talents to yourself, then no one can benefit from them. Now I don’t mean for people to go around bragging to everyone. That would not be right, and it is certainly annoying if you have been around someone like that.

In my church, members let their light shine in many ways. People that are musicians or have the ability to sing perform during the service. People that have computer and video knowledge put together the media part of the service or church web site. People gifted with words, speak or write scripts for skits to be performed. Cooks create food for the homeless. People gifted as artists create artwork for the church. These are all ways to let your light shine.

Today may be the day for you to make a list of all your talents. Look carefully at the list. Be thoughtful.  How can you use your talents for God’s purpose?  Pray about it and then go out and spread a little sunshine!


We appreciate the gift of Christ’s words and example. Thank you for all the other wonderful ways you have blessed us also. Help us to be cognisant of our talents. Give us ample opportunities to use our talents and let our light shine. In Christ’s name. Amen

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