Creativity Devotional – Going Somewhere?

A painted picture is like a vehicle.
One can either sit in the driveway
and take it apart
or one can get in it and go somewhere.

~Mark Tansey, painter


I enjoyed Mark Tansey’s quote because it made me think about how I react to art. Sometimes when I look at a piece of artwork I become critical looking for things I think are wrong with the work. Other times I will be mesmerized by a painting or piece of art. I may also become emotionally connected to the work and feel as though I am transported to another time or place as I view the work.

What causes my reactions to be so different?  Is it my mind set? Or does it have something to do with the artist and the subject matter? What do you think? I would love to have my viewers share on this subject.

If you get a chance, search the internet and look at some of Mark Tansey’s work. I had never seen any of his work before and I was impressed. I wanted to put one of his paintings in this article but was unsure about copyright issues so I did not. The painting above is one I did while visiting the island of Molokai. When I view that piece I am very much transported to another place, but what about you? I think the way people react to art depends on their personal experiences.



Thank you for art experiences. Thanks you for our reactions to art work that are unique and sometimes a surprise. Thank you for artists that create works that transport us to another place or time. Please pour your blessing down on all artists as they work to create. In Christ’s name.


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2 Responses to Creativity Devotional – Going Somewhere?

  1. This definitely takes me somewhere–very relaxing and lovely. What stands out to me is the shadows in the palm leaves and on the trunks. They echo the colors in the rest of the painting, and the horses in the background really draw the viewer in. I have a varied reaction to art too. Of course it is somewhat related to the skill of the artist, but also perhaps what I am trying to learn at the moment. I tend to focus in on how the artist handled the particular thing I am struggling with at that time. We are going to Hawaii for the first time next month, so I am going to try to paint palm trees…for the first time!

  2. Janene, thank you for the insight. I think you are right. As artists we do tend to focus on learning from each piece of artwork we view. I think you will enjoy the subject matter, the colors, the atmosphere, the culture, the people and the palm trees in Hawaii. Have a great time! Aloha…

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