Creativity Devotional – Experience the Joy

Lehua blossom through a filter

“When we stop worrying about the end result or final product, we free ourselves
to become absorbed in the process and experience the joy of serving the work.”

Janice Elsheimer


When I start a project I usually have a finished product in mind.  I am a very visual person and so I see the image that I want to end up with in my mind.  Very seldom does my final work look exactly like the vision.  Very seldom does the work meet my expectations.

For example, years ago, I wanted to paint like my first watercolor teacher, A.J. Schexnayder.  His work is lovely. I planned paintings around the subject matter and style A.J. put in his paintings.  But I never painted like A.J. even though I tried to over and over.  I used to get extremely frustrated.

I am not sure how many tries it took before I finally realized that I had a distinctive style of my own.  I discovered that I needed to just let go and let my style surface. Once I let go of all preconceived ideas of what my work should look like; I was able to relax and enjoy the painting process.

I still battle this tendency at times.  I am very hard on myself.  If I can release myself from expectations, I usually end up with work that is fresher and more creative.  Since I know I have this habit, I ask the Lord to help through prayer. Here is a prayer for all of us so that we might be able to experience the joy of creating.



Thank you for our talents.  Help us to use these talents to serve you, to help others, and to inspire creativity.  Give us an attitude of joy as we create.  Help us to relax, to have fun, to be totally in the moment.  Free us from a self-critical spirit. Let us become absorbed in the process.

In Christ’s Name. Amen.

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2 Responses to Creativity Devotional – Experience the Joy

  1. What a beautiful image you chose to place above the quote from my book, THE CREATIVE CALL. After 9 years in print, it still gratifies me to discover that my words are out there inspiring folks to practice their art. What a beautiful website you’ve put together! I could spend a lot of time here just “breathing in.” But then I wouldn’t be getting my work done, would I?

    Janice Elsheimer

  2. Janice,
    I am honored to have you on my website. Thank you for sharing your wisdom through books. You have touched many people and definitely been an inspiration. I appreciate you taking the time to make a comment here. You just made my day! ~Terry

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