Creativity Devotional – Exist to Change

To exist is to change,
To change is to mature;
To mature is to go on
Creating oneself endlessly.

~Henri Bergson


Many people hate change. I am one of those people. But everything about life involves change. You just can’t get around it.  Change happens whether you like it or not. The weather and seasons change. Our children grow up and have children of their own. Our interests and tastes change without us realizing it. We get new jobs, make new friends, learn new skills, etc.

Since we can’t do anything about change happening, what can we do? We can embrace it. We can try to have the attitude of Henri Bergson. Let’s enjoy the fact that we get to create ourselves and our art over and over again. How great is that?

If you don’t like something about yourself, work on changing it. If your art work is not living up to your expectations, change it. God is there cheering us on as we move from one stage of change to another. How uplifting! Life is good!



As we grow and mature, please stay by our side. Hold our hands. Bless our efforts. Allow us to transition smoothly. Give us insight when it is time to make choices about the direction of our change. Help us to realize you are one of our greatest supporters. Help us to appreciate each and every day we have to be creative. You are an awesome God!

In Christ’s Name,


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