Creativity Devotional – Your Words Have Power

Focu on the positive.

Are You In a Fog?

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.
Rudyard Kipling


I picked up a book at a garage sale the other day, The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva. I have run across Mr. Silva’s name numerous times on the internet recently, so I bought the book. I was swayed by curiosity and a good price.  The book was published in 1977.

I have read about half the book.  One chapter in the book is title, “Your Words Have Power”.  I was intrigued by this concept.  In the Bible, God speaks and things happen. There is absolute power in His words. Why couldn’t our words have power as well?

From my experience, I know that I have the power to pull myself down or build myself up. It all has to do with what I am thinking. Thoughts are just words to yourself. If I wake up in a bad mood and am thinking negatively, then the day will pretty much end up on a bad note. But, if I have positive thoughts my day  usually turns out great.

Okay! I know that. So, now what? If words have power, then use that power.

Use your words and thoughts for good. Tell yourself: “I will appreciate this day. I will get rid of negative thoughts. I will not complain. I will remind myself that I am a talented and creative person whom God loves. I will smile.”

If you are down and feel like you are in a fog, close your eyes and tell yourself:  “God loves me. God has given me this day to do his will. God wants me to be happy. I will be full of joy and peace.”


Glorious Father,

Thank you for life.  Help me to stay on a positive track.  When I feel sad, lonely, depressed or down on myself; help me to remember that You love me.  Guide me toward developing a habit of positive thinking. Remind me that my words have power. Thank you for the Holy Spirit’s intercession when I am unable to speak my feelings and thoughts. Give me words of encouragement for others. I love you. Forgive me of my sins. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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  1. Jimmie says:

    Beautiful! Words are powerful! I consider this whole thing part of the “taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.” When our thoughts are out of line with Truth, we must talk to ourselves to get back in line with Truth.
    .-= Jimmie´s last blog ..Buying Popcorn =-.

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