Creativity Devotional – Artists Recording History

Thank God, it is over, that I have seen it and
am able to tell it to the world.
~George Catlin 

Chief Four Bears



 I love George Catlin’s art work for many reasons. One reason in particular is the historical value of the work. How incredible to have seen the things he did. I am in awe at what George Catlin experienced.

I was raised in a family that truly appreciated all things Native American from the people to their crafts, the art, history and legends. Naturally with that interest I am drawn to Catlin’s work. In some ways I wish I could have been there with him. But I know he saw things I would not want to.

Catlin realized he was preserving history with his work. Can you say that about yourself? Are you using your creativity to preserve the richness of your heritage? Are you recording family history through your writing, drawings, photography, or paintings? Do you even realize that your work can have historical value?

Stop and think about it.


Thank you so for the blessing of creativity. When we create help us to realize the value of our work. Help us to recognize that each drawing, painting, poem, video, or short story is preserving a piece of history. Help us to realize that even the history of just our family is important. Please continue to give us creative ways to glorify You.

In Christ’s Name,
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3 Responses to Creativity Devotional – Artists Recording History

  1. Wendy Brott says:

    I am so happy to have found your blog on creativity with a Christian perspective! I was inspired to rethink my sketchbook usage by how you handle them. Frankly, when I’ve done them in the past, the quality of work degrades with each assignment to the end of a grading period. I eliminated sketchbook assignments for the past couple of years, but am now rethinking it because of the way you grade them.

  2. Keep me posted on whether or not you assign sketchbooks again. It is certainly frustrating when students turn in low quality work or nothing at all. But then there are the ones that do excellent drawings that blow you away. That makes it all worthwhile.

  3. Diana says:

    I love George Catlin’s work both as an amazing artist and as an unintentional historian. I have many replica artworks of his throughout my home as I am also drawn to the American Indian culture and heritage of this country before the European settlers arrived.
    .-= Diana´s last blog ..Learning Reiki =-.

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