Creativity Devotional – An Artist’s Creative Journey

An Artist's Creative Journey

An Artist's Creative Journey

“The first time you take a brush in your hand and feel the rush of energy, inspiration and hope,
you’ve begun a journey that can define the rest of your life.”

Mary Todd Beam

Thought: I ran across Mary Todd Beam’s quote as I was reading the November 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. I immediately ripped the page out so I would not lose the quote.  I am craving what she is describing.  I need a day of painting so I can feel the brush in my hand.

This quote took me back to those first few times I painted and had no idea what I was doing. I was having fun and was definitely inspired.  It does feel good to hold your creative tools in your hands whether a brush, pencil, sewing needle, camera or pottery knife.

Our hands remember the feeling, the flow of creative energy.  As artists our journey is to carry on in life creating as best we can. We need that rush.  That is why we come back to what we truly love, the act of creating. It is as if we need to be fed by that energy.  We are filled with inspiration and hope as we act.  So, today let’s continue on in our creative journey.


Lord, fill us today with inspiration and energy.  We ask for your blessing as we create. Help us to do your bidding and to glorify you in our work.  Remind us of our joy at simple things like holding a paintbrush in our hand.  Be with our creativity each step of the way. Make our journey a productive one.

In Christ’s name. Amen.

*Note – I would really like to get some input from my readers about the Friday devotionals.  Is there something you would like me to write about?  Is there a format you think I should use. Please leave a comment. I am looking forward to hearing from YOU. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Rowan says:

    How lovely! I hope you find your muse.

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