Creativity and Improv

The other night I was invited to go to my first Improv performance. It was held in a meeting room at the Sunriver SHARC Center in Sunriver, OR. I had no idea how the evening would go or what to expect. I have watched improv on television and have always enjoyed it. The show Whose Line is it Anyway? is quite funny. I wondered if improv would be as entertaining on a local level.

Triage is the name of the theatrical group that performed.  The evening was broken up into segments with the performers taking turns acting out different scenarios. Those scenarios were made up by the audience. For instance, one scenario included zombie gorillas taking over a small town. The actors became a local teacher, doctor, butcher, Lego man, and Justin Bieber. They took turns discussing the changes the zombie gorillas had made in the town.

The ideas for the skits came from the audience yelling out place names, emotions, occupations, or whatever the director of the scene asked for. The actors combined the ideas to make things more interesting. The actors had to be very creative in their depiction of the scene. I was witnessing creativity in a very basic and raw form. I was quite impressed with this group and their abilities to come up with a very funny performance in such a short amount of time with only a few guidelines.

My granddaughter, Hailey, surprised us by jumping up on stage when the crew asked for a volunteer in the first scene of the night. I had no idea she was such a performer. Hailey and two other actors were told to create images for a slide show with their actions as the professor spoke about the importance of popsicles. It was entertaining to watch the trio try to hold their poses until the so called professor changed his slides.

I think my favorite part of the evening was when a husband and wife from the audience came on stage to help in a skit. The couple were asked how they met and where they went on their first date. The actors then acted out the scene using their own ideas of the conversations and events that might have happened on this first date. The couple watching the skit were told to ring a bell if the scene was correct or to push a buzzer if it was wrong. The audience was howling by the end of the performance because the husband and wife did not agree on much of what was portrayed. So funny!

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I would definitely go watch Triage again. I know this group performs in the Central Oregon area quite often. I am including a link to their website so you can check out their schedule.

Creativity can come in many forms. The concept of taking random ideas and putting them together in a scene could be used in creative writing, drawing, painting, and more. Until next time, keep on creating!


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