Creativity and Essential Oils

I am very interested in learning about essential oils. My daughter uses essential oils in her home quite often for various purposes. These purposes range from helping an upset stomach, disinfecting a counter top, enhancing a person’s mood, and even keeping bugs away.  Essential oils have many uses.

Smelling essential oils can trigger your brain to feel more relaxed or more energized. This phenomenon is fascinating to me. I have used peppermint essential oil to help me when I feel really tired and sluggish. I just smell it and after a few minutes I feel amazingly better.

I wondered if there are essential oils that can cause a person to be inspired or more creative. This thought got me searching on the internet, reading handouts and books, plus talking to people that have used essential oils. I thought there had to be an essential oil recipe to inspire or enhance creativity.

In my search, I found a video about essential oils and creativity on You Tube. You Tube is quite the resource when you want to learn about something new. I am going to share the video in this post. I have also learned that there are many recipes for creativity and many essential oils that can inspire a person’s creativity.

I plan to study more and experiment with making my own recipes for creativity. Look for more posts about this subject in the future. If you have any recipes or experience using essential oils, I would love to hear from you.

The recipe in the video you are about to view is:

10 drops jasmine essential oil
10 drops coriander essential oil
6 drops juniper essential oil


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