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December 2018
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Creative Ways to Use Bamboo

Woven Bamboo

Woven Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo is a grass? It is a sustainable plant that has many uses. Using bamboo in construction is a great way to go green. Bamboo grows quickly and using bamboo is taking the pressure off of hardwood forests.  Bamboo can be used in flooring, making cloth, building bridges, fishing poles, furniture, fencing, cooking utensils, fountains, on and on….bamboo4

When I went to the Portland Japanese Garden last week, I noticed the inventive ways bamboo was used throughout the area. I am including photographs of some of the bamboo creations.

bambooBamboo fencing caught my eye right away. I enjoyed the texture and feel of the woven bamboo fencing. This type of fence actually could provide privacy in the garden area. Another type of bamboo fencing was made by tying the bamboo pieces loosely with twine or yarn. Some of the fences were only a few feet tall. which made them more of a decorative divider. I admired the simplicity.

There were some more decorative uses for bamboo in the garden. Short bamboo pieces tied together were also used as a cover for a hand dug water well and as a way to make the bottom of the drainage system fit in with the Japanese theme.

Bamboo was also used in many of the water fountains. Live bamboo was planted in various areas to provide a background for flowering plants or a secluded area for prayer or meditation.

If you are interested in creating with a green substance you might consider bamboo.

Bamboo Fountain

Bamboo Fountain

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