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Marissa and Jaci's Sculpture

Marissa and Jaci’s Sculpture

What can you create with 2 pieces of cardboard and 20 pipe cleaners?  That is the question I asked my Art III students a few weeks ago as I handed out supplies. Students were told to get in pairs and to work together creating a work of art with cardboard and pipe cleaners. They were also allowed to use paint, glue, hot glue, paper, and anything they needed to make the art work stay together. They could make the art work two dimensional or three dimensional.

I paired the students because I felt that the process would go faster, be more fun,  and the students would do a better job if they had someone to share ideas through brainstorming.

Each pair of students worked at their own pace, some better than others. Some argued and some did not want to work with their partner. This is a common occurrence when doing a group project. Once the students figure out how to work together then progress began. Some students drew their ideas, some discussed, and then some just started cutting and putting things together.

Most of the projects ended up being three dimensional. But they could have easily created two dimensional work.

I wanted my students to use their imagination and creativity. I figured if I got one or two really creative works of art it would have been worth it. The students were influenced by their environment and many made things that they had already seen. A few groups came up with original designs that turned out nicely like the one in the photograph above.

So if you want to test your creativity and imagination, you might want to use the example of this project. Try it and see what you can come up with. You don’t have to use cardboard and pipe cleaners, just limit your art supplies. Work with another person. Brainstorm. Try not to create what you have already seen. Be original.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!



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